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Why I Have Been M.I.A.

Sorry it’s been about a month since I have posted, I just sort of got caught up in school things lately.  And reading, always reading.

First of all, you all know that I’m the president of my school’s book club.  So there’s that responsibility on my shoulders – choosing books, researching for new books to read, leading the discussions, etc.  It’s a lot of work, especially since my particular club is surprisingly successful, but I love every second of doing what I have to do as the leader of this club.

Now that spring has sprung I have been back to playing tennis for the JV Varsity team.  Our team is doing pretty good this year, better than last year anyway.  So I’ve been packing that in with the book club during the week and frankly, it’s keeping me real busy.

This last one hasn’t been taking up time, but it’s a pretty sweet announcement I have to make – next school year I’ll be in a student exchange program and I got the placement for Australia!  I’m real excited for this opportunity.  It’s going to be weird to be even further from my family than I already am, but my siblings all encouraged me and told me it will be great for me.  And I also feel weird about leaving my book club at school because I’m the one who started it in the first place, but we are working out a way for me to still be included (and possibly still president) while I’m studying abroad.

So that’s what’s been up with me and why I haven’t been around in the blogosphere, but I’m going to make more of an effort to keep up with this.

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