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Ending of a Chapter

chapter end

It’s the middle of the night here in Australia, and even though I’ve adjusted to the time change a while back, I still find myself awake some nights.  Usually nights when I’m stressed.

My time here in Australia will be ending soon – at the end this month to be exact.

I’m torn about it.  I love this country, even more than I expected to, but I do miss home.

I miss being able to call my siblings the second I need them.

I miss my friends and being able to talk to them whenever.

I miss my English teacher.

I miss my brother Scotty using me as a stand in to rehearse his lines for plays.

I miss running my book club at school.

At the same time, I’ve gotten to do some cool things here in Australia and I’ve met great people.

I explored some caves.

I saw geysers up close.

I held a koala bear.

I scuba-dived in the Great Barrier Reef.

I made three close friends from other countries – Lars (Australia), Ella (Finland) and Alek (Norway).

I’ll be sad to be apart from my new friends, but that’s the good thing about social media and especially Skype… I can stay in touch with them easily.  I’m excited to see my siblings in person though.  I’ll be staying with one of my sisters for most of the summer, like I did last year, but I’ll probably be visiting two of my brothers in a different state before school starts up again.

Despite the fact I love Australia and being an exchange student, I want to spend my senior year at home.  Well, boarding school, but it’s basically been home to me since I was a freshman.  I want to be able to pass off my book club to a deserving underclassman, play on the tennis team and do all the usual senior year activities with my friends.  There will be time to travel after I graduate.

I might even study abroad in college.

I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity and you can bet this will be a great chapter my memoir.

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Why I Have Been M.I.A.

Sorry it’s been about a month since I have posted, I just sort of got caught up in school things lately.  And reading, always reading.

First of all, you all know that I’m the president of my school’s book club.  So there’s that responsibility on my shoulders – choosing books, researching for new books to read, leading the discussions, etc.  It’s a lot of work, especially since my particular club is surprisingly successful, but I love every second of doing what I have to do as the leader of this club.

Now that spring has sprung I have been back to playing tennis for the JV Varsity team.  Our team is doing pretty good this year, better than last year anyway.  So I’ve been packing that in with the book club during the week and frankly, it’s keeping me real busy.

This last one hasn’t been taking up time, but it’s a pretty sweet announcement I have to make – next school year I’ll be in a student exchange program and I got the placement for Australia!  I’m real excited for this opportunity.  It’s going to be weird to be even further from my family than I already am, but my siblings all encouraged me and told me it will be great for me.  And I also feel weird about leaving my book club at school because I’m the one who started it in the first place, but we are working out a way for me to still be included (and possibly still president) while I’m studying abroad.

So that’s what’s been up with me and why I haven’t been around in the blogosphere, but I’m going to make more of an effort to keep up with this.

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