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17 Before 17: An Update

Since my birthday is about two months away, I think it’s time I gave you all an update on how I’m doing with my 17 Before 17 list.

17 update

I’ve blogged on a few of them as I finished them, but due to my absence I haven’t been posting as I complete the items on my list.  So what have I done in the past few months?  Well, let’s take a look…

  • I’ve held a koala bear cub.  It was seriously adorable and if it wasn’t a “wild” animal, I would want to take it home and just hug it all day long.
  • I went para-sailing.  It’s so much fun and if you need any item for your own bucket list, I highly suggest this!
  • I’ve sent hand-written letters to a few people.  Well, more like all my siblings.  I figured they mean the most to me so I decided to sent them a letter telling them of how the exchange program is going and all the cool things I’ve been doing here.
  • I explored a cave.  I have to say I felt a bit like Indiana Jones when we were in the cave.  It was definitely fun and I’d love to explore a few more of them.

So that’s only four things, but I thought I’d let you know that they are now done and I can check them off my list of things to do before I’m 17.  I still have a few to go, but I don’t think I’ll be finishing them all since the time has passed for me to do a few of them (like visiting NYC for Christmas).



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Well, I can officially check off one item on my 17 Before 17 list already!

Since I am staying in Massachusetts with one of my sisters for the summer, I decided to either get a part-time job or do some volunteer work during my time here.  After all, I need something to do during the day instead of sitting around playing videos games or reading… well, reading isn’t that bad, but you know what I mean.

Being an avid reader, I spend a lot of time going to bookstores and libraries and sometimes they can get a little messy, just as any store does.  Books will be in the wrong section or out of order and for a person like me, that’s very unnerving.  So I went to one of the local libraries in the area and asked about volunteer opportunities and guess what?  They have them!

So for the summer I will be working in a public library organizing the returned books and making sure things are in order a few days each week.

Because the job is not every day of the week, I still might try to get a part-time job so that I can make some extra spending money.  Of course, I’ll also be working on learning how to drive once I get my permit (which is also on my list).

We’ll see what happens.

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17 Before 17

Yes, I am taking my brother Sly’s post and running with it on my own.  The title is the same because being one of Sly’s triplets, I also turned 16 last Friday so I am making my own list of 17 things I want to do before my 17th birthday next year.

My list will be different from his, though I will admit there are some of Sly’s I’d like to do myself.  However since I will be studying abroad this coming school year I will have different experiences than my brother, so my list will definitely be different.

Anyway, you can check out my “17 Before 17” list and I’ll keep you all updated as I complete the tasks!

… and what would be on your “# before #” list?

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