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Reading in 2016

With all the excitement of becoming a foreign exchange student, I completely forgot to update my reading list as I read books last year.  I even neglected my Goodreads for a while… but I’m changing that now.

the testing series

Just like last year, I’ve joined the Goodreads Challenge and am aiming for 24 books this year.  I just finished my fifth one – The Graduation (The Testing Series) – and am trying to pick out what book I’d like to read next.

If anyone would like to follow me on Goodreads, simply send me a friend request there and I’ll add you.  I’m not worried about adding people there since there’s hardly any of my personal information on that site.  I’m also keeping a reading list here on the blog if anyone doesn’t have Goodreads and wants to just keep up here.

I’m thinking about doing reviews, but it’s still a debate for me.  I’m honestly a little overloaded with schoolwork and other activities that I’d rather not make reading not-fun by writing reviews.  I guess if I really want to recommend a book, I will.  We’ll see what happens.

Catch ya later!

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The Book Is Always Better

book is better than movie

The book is always better than the movie.

As an avid reader, I will argue this point any time, any day.

To me, it seems as though movies over the last 7+ years are going downhill (with a few exceptions).  As studios try harder and harder to sell blockbusters, there seems to be more and more fluff being produced instead.  Fluff movies are an awful waste of time.

And you know a fluff movie when you see one. Lately, they have included romantic comedies, terribly done sequels to romantic comedies, corny action movies, equally corny sequels to action movies, and over-dramatic heart-wrenchers.

Movies are over the top nowadays.  The budgets of movies are through the roof, and when these movies flop there is little return.  Everyone is hoping for an instant hit, yet the movies aren’t reaching the desired status.

Much of the problem lies in the sequels, which is an originality issue in itself.  Sure, sequels that follow a series are expected, but when it comes to sequels of a good, original movie (such as Lion King) a sequel isn’t needed, yet they still make them.

Then we have the movies that were made from books.  Which is actually wonderful because who doesn’t want to see their favorite book on the big screen?  It’s pretty interesting to see what someone else made of it.  Maybe the characters are exactly like you pictured them.  Maybe they’re completely different.  That in itself is a fun thing to see.

Creating a movie from a book is not necessarily a bad thing.  The problem arises when the only movies that are coming to theaters are adaptations of books.  The Hunger Games, Divergent, Twilight… need I say more?  Though two of books-turned-into-movies I mentioned were actually decent movies, there’s too much of a pattern going on here.

Additionally, a problem arises when an author writes a book with the direct intention to sell it to a studio and have it made into a film.  Where did the art of novel writing go?  It seems terrible to me that literature has been turned into a Hollywood business.

A novel tells a story with great detail.  Authors use words to paint pictures.  They have to spend their words carefully, creating histories, developing characters, and telling the plot.  Movies have the advantages of using images to convey all of this.  So, when people insist that movies are better than the books, it’s unfair.

Movies have all the advantages while authors work long and hard to produce the amazing stories that they craft.  For example, the Harry Potter books are an intricately created series of seven books with amazing character development and detail.

It’s ridiculous to imply that the movies are “better” than the books in any sense of the word.

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I’ve Got House Pride, Do You?

What kind of bibliophile would I be if I haven’t read the Harry Potter series?  Well, I’d still be one, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t be a very good one.  So yes, I’ve read the Harry Potter series and I’ve read them numerous times.  Those books are very well worn and I’m proud of it.

You can imagine how excited I was when Pottermore came out and it was a chance to relive the series online with millions of other HP fans, but sitting on the computer doing the challenges for hours on end isn’t my thing.  I still have an account there though.  I mean, I had to see what house I’d end up in.

hufflepuff banner pottermore

Yes, I’m a Hufflepuff and I’m proud.

Hufflepuff is the least mentioned house in the series, both in the books and movies.  The only real time they got any recognition was in the fourth book when Cedric Diggory was chosen as the original Hogwarts champion to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.  After that, we didn’t hear too much of them again.  They’re also classified as the least clever house of Hogwarts, which is just another rumor.  In fact, the reason they are not seen as the most clever is because the Hufflepuffs are not a boastful house (and I’m honestly not trying to sound boastful by saying this, it’s what I read).

I have to say, I really identify with the mascot of the Hufflepuff House – the badger.  As it says in the official Pottermore welcome message, “…an animal that is often underestimated, because it lives quietly until attacked, but which, when provoked, can fight off animals much larger than itself, including wolves.”  I can honestly say this sounds like me; I’m a rather quiet person and prefer to mind my own business, but provoke me or harass my family, and I will fight back.

hufflepuff welcome message

When it comes to the sorting hat quiz, even ones other than at Pottermore, people get touchy on what house they’re sorted into.  The thing is, J.K. Rowling knew what she was doing when she came up with the characteristics the Houses.  She wouldn’t do anything to cheat her fans.  As we’ve learned from the books and movies, the House doesn’t define the wizard.  So don’t be ashamed of what House you were sorted into, be proud (and read the description thoroughly, you might be surprised).

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