Visiting Greece

Well, I can check visiting Greece off my 17 Before 17 list!  So, as you probably figured, that is the reason I have not been active in a few weeks.

Visiting Greece was definitely not something I had planned to do so soon, but the opportunity came up when my sister, Sabrina, and her husband asked me if I wanted to join them.  My brother Sebastian also came along, as he had originally planned to go with them from the beginning.


One great thing about visiting Greece, other than visiting the ruins and their beaches, is that my sister and brother can both speak some Greek.  Of course, we realize it’s not quite a popular language, but as I recently found out, we apparently have Greek in our blood that traces even further back than our connections to Scotland and England.  Our grandfather actually spoke Greek pretty well so my older siblings were able to pick up some of the Greek language.  This also explains why two of my siblings’ middle names are Apollo and Artemis (you know, other than the fact those are pretty kick-ass names).

So about our trip, I’d have to say one of my favorite spots that we visited was the archeological site Delphi Theatre.  Compared to other popular tourist sites I’ve been to in other countries, this one was just more interesting because the history goes back into the ancient times.  I also really enjoyed The Parthenon, which if you ever go to Greece, you cannot miss visiting this temple!

Visiting Greece was definitely as educational as it was a vacation, even though the first few days were rough due to the change in time zones.

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