Bibliophile Defined

bibliophile defined

Someone will ask me to describe myself and the first thing I tell them is I’m a bibliophile.

“What’s a bibliophile?” is what they ask 99% of the time.

I guess I can’t expect too many other teenagers of this day and age to know what it is.  However, I’ve also come across a few adults who are unfamiliar with the term.  I don’t think it’s sad.  I’m sure there are plenty of words that I still don’t know and would need someone to define for me.

So what is a bibliophile?

1. a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding, or the like.

That’s me in a nutshell.  I have more books than my brothers have video games, combined!  And I have five brothers, mind you.  Though that’s not more than the number of shoes my three sisters have combined… girls really do collect a lot of shoes!

But in recent times I am finding that might want to invest in an eReader because moving back and forth from boarding school turns out to be a pain, literally.  My books make my boxes very heavy.  I did leave a lot of books back home with my siblings, but I keep buying new ones when I’m at the bookstore.

Even if I did have an eReader, I can’t say that I’d stop buying legit books.  I love the look and feel of books too much to just never buy one again.  Plus, like the definition of bibliophile says, I love to collect books with an unusual type of binding or paper.  It makes the books much more unique.

I just think an eReader would be really convenient for when I’m traveling, and I do travel a lot.

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19 responses to “Bibliophile Defined

  1. Reblogged this on 99+ Sly Thoughts and commented:
    I really enjoyed this post by my brother. For his first one, it’s really original. It’s not your average introduction post, which makes it more interesting. At the same time, you’re learning something about my brother and it sort of leads into what part of his blog will be about. Most of all though, I like that he took the post and taught a term that people might not be too familiar with.

    So go and check out my brother’s blog and maybe follow it. I can tell he’s going to have some good and interesting posts.

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  2. Dude, awesome first post! Way to set the bar for introductory posts!

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  3. Great post!! I learned a new word to describe myself! I definitely relate to this! I’m always running out of space for my evergrowing book collection!

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  4. Seth,
    I am glad to meet a fellow bibliophile. I have a book collection too and suffer from a little known malady called book addiction. If I see a book in English, I need to read it and if possible buy it. I say if possible, because often I do not have the finances to buy a book but I do get by.
    In my books I travel and have adventures and dream and move in a world of my own- one in which I am not disturbed and can freely live and breathe.
    So that’s what books do for me- give me freedom.
    I look forward to reading about you and you family Seth.

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    • Glad to meet you as well. I definitely know the struggle of not always being able to buy books I want because of money… and it usually breaks my heart. That’s one of the reasons I can’t wait to turn 16 in May, so I can get a part-time job and be able to buy more books!

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  5. Nice first post! Bibliophile doesn’t describe me so much, but I do like to read. And now I have a new word to throw at a few of my friends who this does describe so accurately. I am excited to see another teen on the blogging 101 list for February too!

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  6. Hey Seth,great post! I’m a bibliophile too . Although I have a ton of eBooks, I prefer the smell, feel, and weight of having a bound copy of a book in my hand….

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  8. Hi! I’m Amanda. Saw your post on Blogging 101 in the Commons, which I’m taking too! Glad to meet a fellow bibliophile. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

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  9. I loved this – not only did I learn a new word that I love but I felt that it was a really nice and honest post about who you are. I can’t believe you are one of eight kids though to me that is just insane so i’m not surprised that you have found your own love in the world of books. If you had to choose two faves – which would they be?

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