17 Before 17

  1. Get my driving permit.
  2. Make a personal time capsule.
  3. Hold a koala bear cub.
  4. Speak only through ASL for a full day.
  5. Have my first kiss.
  6. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.
  7. Volunteer.
  8. Go para-sailing.
  9. Visit Greece.
  10. Go on a vegan diet for a week.
  11. Write a hand-written letter to someone.
  12. Visit New York City at Christmastime.
  13. Ride a zip-line.
  14. Get all A’s in my junior year.
  15. Explore a cave.
  16. Donate books to a library.
  17. Try a new food.

7 responses to “17 Before 17

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  3. Hi Seth!
    First of all, I love this idea– it’s inspiring! I might make a 21 Before 21 list myself.
    Second of all, your goals are lovely. Writing a handwritten letter and donating books to a library, going parasailing and visiting Greece… They’re realistic yet adventurous at the same time. I wish you luck in completing your 17 Before 17 goals! 🙂

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